Shop and Get Paid!

Yes! It’s no joke. Shop and get up to 50% cash back for shopping online at WeFundUs. 

Earn While You Shop

WeFundUs provides you with a platform through which you can send cash back rewards to your favorite charities or causes. Shop from our huge selection of high-quality products of your choice and get cashback for each purchase. Choose your desired charity or business and use those earned rewards for your fundraising campaign.

WeFundUs Is For...


Individuals and Organizations can capitalize on their online purchases and effortlessly acquire a larger reach to increase donations 

Family & Friends

Shop together to prepare for life Events: Birthdays, Weddings, Family Reunions, New Baby Arrivals, etc.


 Add a new method of receiving Payments 

Exclusive Fundraising Opportunities for Charities, Families, and Businesses

WeFundUs not just offer cash for the people but also provide exclusive cashback packages for the businesses, charities, families, and others. Encourage your potential customers to buy more from you. By using these special packages, you can optimize the cashback balance received from your clients and prospective customers. This way, you can raise funds for your fundraising campaign, charity, or business without hassle.

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your goals



30 day free trial

up to 20%Cashback



30 day free trial

up to 35% Cashback



30 day free trial

up to 50% Cashback

Do Shopping with a Purpose

Do you want to donate to your favorite charity or want to run a fundraising campaign but do not have enough funds? No need to worry anymore. With WeFundUs, your shopping can convert to purposeful and beneficial activity. Shop at the WeFundUs Platform, and get instant cashback on your shopping. We gather those earnings, which you can use for supporting your desirable charities, businesses, and initiating fundraising campaigns.

What Our CUstOmers say

Every year it was a challenge to fundraise. Not after we joined WeFundUs. My parents and their families simply send us commission earned from their everyday purchases. The game has changed because we raised so much money effortlessly. Now as a volunteer I get paid. My passion to see kids grow mentally, physically and spiritually is finally paying off. Wow!

USA Elite Basketball

As the owner of a child care center I was able to change lives of my clients by joining WeFundUs. Reducing the cost of their tuition by 50 % in a few cases. In some cases, I owed my clients money. It was a joyful moment to see a single low- income mother in tears. She struggled to pay her child tuition and now it’s no longer an issue. The child care center has seen an increase in its revenue.

Dreams Child Care

Join the Wefunding movement and make a real difference in the community through shopping!

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